Smokey Pork Hot dogs


Hot dogs just got a whole lot better! Why boil when you can airfry?

But it’s all in the dog and there can be a fine line between a good hot dog and a bad hot dogs.

These smokey pork hot dogs came our recently opened Costco store, very quickly becoming my favourite place to shop.

Being from the land Down Under, if I can get American branded style foods it costs a fortune…. But not now!

Served with tomato sauce, American mustard, grated cheese and dill pickles. The pickles with the smokey pork flavour was just perfect.

In the Airfryer the dogs were cooked for  15 minutes at 160  degrees. I threw the pickles in with 2 minutes to go.

I then placed the hot dogs back in the Airfryer for another 2 minutes at 160 to lightly toast the rolls and melt the cheese.

Something easy for lunch or after work when you’re having one of those “I seriously just couldn’t be bothered tonight ” days.

And being airfried you know that there’s no guilt!

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