Aussie Damper Bread







Damper dates back to 1825 and possibly further back to 1817. Traditionally cooked in the ground under hot ashes.
First developed by Stockmen working in remote areas carrying only basic rations.

450g self raising flour
80g butter
Good pinch of salt
185g water

Add flour, salt and butter in a bowl and mix together with your fingers until butter has completely dissolved.

Add the water to the mix and cut through with a rounded knife. When mixture has come together (you may need to add small amount of water if mixture is slightly dry), remove from bowl and place on floured bench top.

Lightly kneed mixture for approximately 2 minutes.

For the Airfryer halve the dough, flattenen and shape the dough. Score the top (mainly for effect) and place on a 16cm round tray (base of a cake tin). Use baking paper on the tray. Alternatively you can line your basket with baking paper and place dough on.

Lightly dust the top with plain flour.

Cook dough for 22 minutes at 185 degrees (if using oven 30 minutes at 200 C).

Enjoy your damper warm with butter, golden or maple syrup, jam.
Perfect as a side to your stew, casserole or goulash.

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