Happy Easter


I’m giving this cookbook away this Easter as way to say THANK YOU to all the people who support me and my little adventures on Facebook!

I’m certainly no celebrity or master chef, just an ordinary work class man who enjoys the simplicity of good food. So I am very honoured and humbled by all and the amazing words that have been said!

It simply started as an idea to hopefully connect with a few like-minded people and the appliances we use in our kitchens. If I could only help inspire one person, then my job was done!

It’s turned out to be a whole lot more than that and now I am the one that has been inspired, so I actually have achieved what I set out to do!

To be spoken of on national TV and highly regarded by major worldwide companies is mind blowing and something I am very proud of.

But the most important part of all of this is not the food, the pictures but how I interact with the amazing people who take time out of their lives to support me… That’s the most important thing of all.

Where the journey goes from here, who knows?! I will just enjoy it and hope I can take a few people along for the ride…

15 thoughts on “Happy Easter

      1. Haha thank you very much! I’m really about the simplicity of good simple food while being able to think outside the square/recipe! I became a father for the first time last September and he is my inspiration!

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      2. Same here. I don’t like ordinary. Lots of times I don’t even measure. I just put what I want lol. Congrats on your new baby. I’m going soon I’ll have grand babies, but not too soon, I’m still young but miss having babies. My two girls are 17 & 18. So I miss holding and rocking lol

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      3. Thank you! I bet you miss that! I’ve started late (but I’m not old), I’m 43 years young hehe. Never thought I’d have a family and so glad he’s here! Well it’s nearly 3am here and I should get a little bit of sleep lol. So good to chat with you! 😊

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  1. just following your blog inspired me to go and get an air fryer just getting started , i am a grandmother, but still like trying new things where cooking is involved, will try the cake tomorrow,


  2. Would love some simple recipe ideas with few ingredients for new electric pressure cooker, especially chicken an beef meals.


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