Dad’s Chicken and Waffles


With maple and dill pickles


With bearinaise sauce

1-2 Chicken breast fillet
6 Streaky bacon strips
4 Waffles
Dill pickles/ gherkins
Maple syrup
Bearinaise sauce
Oven fries

Chicken breast were marinated in BBQ and Worcestershire sauce for up to 5 hours. Then grilled on a George Foreman grill for slightly charred effect.
-Place oven fries for your desired amount into the basket (leaving enough room for bacon to go on top) of your Airfryer and set temperature on your Airfryer to 200 degrees and timer for 16 minutes.
-With approximately 7-8 minutes to go, add your bacon to the Airfryer leaving oven fries in the basket. At this point start grilling your chicken breasts.
-Once oven fries and bacon is done, remove them from the basket and place your waffles in, keep temperature at 200 and set timer for 2 minutes.
-Remove waffles and plate up to your liking and drizzle maple syrup or bearinaise sauce to finish.

*Note with your chicken breasts you can pan fry, oven grill, BBQ or airfry. I like to grill in the George Foreman for time and charring.


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