Slider Sunday

I think a new tradition has started at our place, with the slider for a quick and tasty dinner.


So tonight it was Angus beef with fried egg and dijon mustard.


A scone cutter was reborn and was  perfect tool for the beef patties. Not all that good meat was wasted! My Rottweiler enjoyed what was left over.


I used silicone cupcake cases for the eggs. No need to grease them, the eggs came out with no fuss.



We recently purchased a second Airfryer and it was the best decision we made!
Beef patties and eggs in one with the chips in the other.

Beef patties and eggs were cooked for 15 minutes at 190 degrees and the chips 14 minutes at 200 degrees in a Philips XL Airfryer.

Perfect little meal in a total of 20 minutes!

Time and temperature for the beef (which were quite thick) was for well done. So adjust time to your liking and if using a brand other than the Philips XL, you may also need to make alterations to time and possibly temperature.

As always any method of cooking can be used.



Pulled Pork Sliders

I was at local supermarket picking up a few bits and pieces. Looking in the fresh meat section I came across this…


Sliders have been all the rage for sometime and thought this par cooked pulled pork would be perfect for the Airfryer!

And the result…


The pulled pork was surprisingly melt in the mouth and perfect with cheesy bacon chips.

With the bonus of having two Airfryers, all of this was done in 15 minutes!

The pork can be finished in the microwave, oven or stove top for conventional cooking.

If using an Airfryer (one only), finish the pork first as more ideal to keep this warm while you cook bacon and chips.

Pulled pork
Oven fries
Bacon pieces
Grated American cheddar cheese

Your choice of salad (optional)

Cook the pork for 15 minutes at 180 degrees in a baking dish or cake tin stirring occasionally.


Place oven fries and bacon in second Airfryer (if using two). Bacon can go in with the fries in a small oven proof dish/bowl.


Cook bacon and fries for 14 minutes at 200 degrees stirring bacon occasionally.


Once bacon and fries are done, place together into a bowl, cover with grated cheese and pop in the microwave to melt the cheese.

Place the sliders in the Airfryer and lightly toast for 3-4 minutes at 180 degrees.

How to serve…? That’s entirely up to how you like.

No matter what method you use, this meal can be enjoyed in under 20 minutes!

Temperatures and times don’t change with whatever method of cooking you choose.




Winter Garden

I’m not just all about airfrying, there’s nothing I love more than being out in my garden and spending time with my chickens.



There’s nothing more therapeutic and nothing beats home-grown produce and eggs.

So with summer well and truly over, I finally got around to preparing my veggie gardens and planted for winter.



Lettuce, baby carrots and beetroot planted, along with a couple varieties of strawberries.


My strawberries have been on fire this autumn producing some amazing fruit!


This is the first time my dwarf mandarin tree had fruited. Four mandarins and I can’t wait spring/ summer to pick them!

While living in the suburbs, I’m a country boy at heart. I’m fortunate to be able to have the best of both worlds creating my own little urban farm.

This is passion I hope to share with my son as he grows.


Spaghetti and Meatballs


I’m 43 years young and never have I ever had spaghetti and meatballs!

I was at our local butcher recently and was looking for something a little different. Something I would normally overlook.

I saw they had containers homemade and par cooked tomato and basil meatballs.


Also these beautiful lamb and bacon patties (previously posted with my bratkartoffeln).


Immediately I thought… “These meatballs would be great with some rice!” It took a little while of thinking for other options to realise I’d never had good old spaghetti and meatballs!

I’ve been missing out!!

The pasta was a freshly made 300g serve from my Pasta and Noodle Maker, which was blanched for 3 minutes.

The meatballs were airfried at 180 degrees for 10 minutes and a rich tomato and basil sauce added with 6 minutes to go.

As I am about simple, quick and tasty meals perfect for the end of a busy day, this was perfect!

The whole meal done in 10 minutes with leftovers! Now that’s tomorrow’s meal already sort.



This is one of my favourite dishes, that can be easily eaten on its own or a complimentary side of a meal.

Perfect for those hearty meat dishes.

This is something I grew up on coming from a family with German heritage. There’s many variations but the core Ingredients to bratkartoffeln is potatoes and bacon.


Like my mum, I like to have egg through it.

So basically bratkartoffeln is fried potato with bacon. It’s something you can add what you like to, whether it be onion, capsicum, cheese, pine nuts, cashews etc.

Potatoes (4 medium sized)
Bacon rashes (cut into small pieces)
2 whisked eggs
Salt and pepper to taste

* based on 2-3 people

First you’ll need to peel and cut your potatoes in halves.

Place potatoes in water, bring to the boil and boil for 10 minutes. You still want your potatoes to be firm, so that a skewer goes in and out cleanly.

Remove potatoes and let cool, either at room temperature or in the fridge.

Once cooled slice or cut potatoes however you like them, add to a hot pan with a little oil.

Fry the potatoes until you just start to see some colour, then add your bacon (and whatever else you may want to add).

Fry to your liking, add the egg and continue to cook until the egg is done.


I like to drizzle lemon over the bratkartoffeln once its plated and a little salt.

A simple dish that allows you to be as creative as you like or just enjoy its simplicity.


Marinated Chicken Tenderloins


Marinated in Worcestershire and BBQ sauce… Sweet and tangy!

Best marinated overnight but 3-5 will do just nicely. If it’s a last minute idea, scour the chicken pieces and marinade as long as possible and add a little extra BBQ sauce just before airfrying.

A great quick and easy meal during a busy working week.

Airfry for 16 minutes at 180 degrees for a crisp coating and juicy tender centre.


If you own a George Foreman grill these are amazing!


Quick, easy and no frills.

Serve with steamed rice or jacket potatoes, chips, whatever side takes your fancy.


Pineapple Slices


Let’s be honest, this needs nothing more said than… YUM!

The perfect little sweet to transport you to that tropical island to escape your winter blues.

Why not…! Add a dash of white rum to the mix for a different take on a pina colada?

Either way, this is certified YUM!

1 small pineapple cut into slices
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lime juice

Mix together honey and lime juice (and that sneaky dash of white rum) in a small bowl.

Brush pineapple slices with the honey and lime juice mixture.

Place pineapple slices on baking paper in the basket of your Airfryer, leaving a centimetre gap from the side of the basket.

Sprinkle pineapple slices with coconut.

Bake at 200 degrees for 12 minutes.

If you can allow to cool so slices are warm and…. Enjoy!

Curried Penne



Using the Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker, 300g of plain flour, a teaspoon of Keens curry powder and 95ml of water.

What I love so much about the Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker besides fresh pasta within minutes, is the creativity and inspiration that comes from using it. 

Whether it be plain pasta, egg noodles to your own little creations. Curry, the juices from beetroot, orange, carrot or whatever greens you fancy to get your tastebuds tingling.


You can even use it to make corn chips!

To know that after a long hard day at work, your tired and maybe even a little grumpy, you can have a freshly made meal on the table in around 12  minutes!

And never again will you have to buy dehydrated pasta or spend 6 hours on your precious Sunday making pasta the traditional way.

This appliance along with the Philips Airfryer has changed the way I think about food. Has inspired me to hopefully inspire like-minded people via this blog and my Facebook page.

All it takes is to reach out to one person and you don’t have to be anyone else but you to do so. All you need is a little passion and a smile.

Smokey Pork Hot dogs


Hot dogs just got a whole lot better! Why boil when you can airfry?

But it’s all in the dog and there can be a fine line between a good hot dog and a bad hot dogs.

These smokey pork hot dogs came our recently opened Costco store, very quickly becoming my favourite place to shop.

Being from the land Down Under, if I can get American branded style foods it costs a fortune…. But not now!

Served with tomato sauce, American mustard, grated cheese and dill pickles. The pickles with the smokey pork flavour was just perfect.

In the Airfryer the dogs were cooked for  15 minutes at 160  degrees. I threw the pickles in with 2 minutes to go.

I then placed the hot dogs back in the Airfryer for another 2 minutes at 160 to lightly toast the rolls and melt the cheese.

Something easy for lunch or after work when you’re having one of those “I seriously just couldn’t be bothered tonight ” days.

And being airfried you know that there’s no guilt!

Spicy Singapore Noodles




One of my favourite dishes is Singapore noodles and this was the first time it was made from scratch.

I was really happy with how it turned out, but next time I will make a few little changes.

One of those changes would be to use a milder curry. I’m not a huge curry eater and the Madras curry powder was a little too spicy. So for my taste Keens curry powder will be a better option and I’m more accustom to using.


You’ll note the lack of vegetables in this dish, I much prefer a side salad instead. I enjoy something refreshing to accompany dishes like this and that’s the great thing about dishes like this. Really up to the individual what goes in order not.


200 -300g of fresh thin egg noodles

or if you have a Pasta and Noodle Maker

300g of plain flour
90ml of water (or 1 egg and water to equal 95ml)

1/2 cup chicken stock
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp Madras curry powder
2 eggs lightly beaten
2 tbsp vegetable oil
24 prawns
1 chicken breast (300g) thinly sliced
4 cloves crushed garlic
3 tbsp finely grated ginger

Add vegetables to your liking


Blanch fresh pasta for 3 minutes in boiling water.

Combine stock, sauce and sugar in a small jug. Separate 1/4 of mixture and curry powder in a small bowl.

Add eggs to a hot wok and cook for 1 minute or until set in a thin layer. Slide on chopping board, roll up and slice.

Add 1 tbsp of oil to the wok, add prawns and stir fry for 3 minutes then remove.

Add remaining oil and chicken, stir fry until cooked then remove.

Add your vegetables, garlic and ginger to the wok. Stir fry for 1 minute then add curry mixture and stir fry for a further minute.

Return egg, prawns, chicken, noodles and remaining stock and stir fry until hot…


Alternatively if you’re making your own noodles, add the curry to your noodle mix!